To book a private shooting / training event or corporate leadership event please contact or 281-415-1023

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    Private corporate events are designed specific to our private clientele.  This includes firearms accommodations, food and beverage, course material, trophy labels,  team tactics instruction events and much more.

    This is a private PSD Training evolution using force-on-force.  Training is held at their location(s) to improve realism and accommodate their force options.  The effectiveness to training for counter ambush and active shooter is enhanced when the training is conducted on site.

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    $350.00 / month

    Gold Team: $350 per month.  Three regular class slots per month (Normally $600.00).  Specialty classes with UTM, or otherwise listed on the calendar will require additional fees.    

    • 50% off class.  Pay for 1.5 days get 3 days with membership.
    • Full access to range membership perks and benefits 
    • If you would like to upgrade to a specialty class during a month that you haven’t used your training days, use a discount code and ONLY pay difference.
    • Training days, if not used can roll for a maximum of 2 months.  
    • Tax write off and deductions of training for employment.