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    MAST Solutions members and their families are cordially invited to our Christmas Party.  This is a great social event and a time to celebrate…

  • Merry Christmas!

    Wishing our associates, colleges, members and their families a Merry Christmas.

  • Praxis: criminal mindset and ingenuity – Closed to LE / Mil, sworn officers, and first responders


    Ed spent 12 years on the frontline of the war on drugs. Working with law enforcement of every level to combat some of the largest and most organized criminal elements on the planet, he observed massive discrepancies between the training of enforcement officers and evolving criminal methods.

    The arms race of information, accelerated by the internet, left law enforcement chronically behind. While enforcement was developing safer means of weapon carry, criminals were developing and distributing methods of negating access to firearms and other tools. Criminal use of edged weapons starkly contrasts with mainstream systems, stripping away flashy techniques in favor of a primitive, savage and highly effective low-tech approach. Constrained by bureaucracy and crippled by outdated training, enforcement found themselves unable to keep up.

    Expensive lessons were ignored on both sides of the border.

    Ed began to study obsessively. He made it his mission to develop a better understanding of the mindset and methods of the successful criminal, training to counter those methods specifically. Tireless observation and research, reverse engineering of criminal activity, full immersion into critically dangerous environments, severe hardship and fatal mistakes have led to the accumulation and development of the most unique curriculum available to the public.

    After leaving service, Ed focused on spreading awareness of the realities of modern policing and sharing his hard earned experience. Enforcement continues to struggle to adapt to advancing technology and changing methods; something as simple as civilian surveillance has effectively disrupted enforcement across the country. Critical gaps in shared knowledge and training have contributed to chronic and still-escalating use of force violations. Ed continues to struggle to fill the gap, to dispel the myths and misinformation that plague modern officers, and provide a glimpse of the nightmares out there, at the edges of the streets.

    Any savvy thief will tell you: Only dumb criminals get caught.

  • Weaponolgy With Ed Calderon

    Improvised Edge & Point Module
    The Improvised Edge & Point Module is a curriculum adapted from methodologies found in criminal cultures from all over the world. Specifically designed for security professionals, military personnel, and civilians operating in areas and conditions not conducive to the carrying weapons, this course covers the procurement, manufacturing, concealment, and use of improvised weapons in non-permissive environments. In addition, the Improvised Edge & Point Module covers movement in urban landscapes and circumventing complex security issues found in many inhospitable areas.
    This unique methodology has been taught to members of federal agencies both domestic and abroad, as well as members of special forces groups and private security contractors.
    Organic Medium Entry Included.
    18 yrs and older. No exceptions.
  • Wooded Survival I


    The goal of this course is to have students learn and demonstrate some basic skills needed to survive off the grid.  This course work is perfect for the weekend adventurer, extreme camping and some basic regular man-things every adult should know.  The student will demonstrate the below tasks to the satisfaction of the instructor.  Additionally the students will gain knowledge of kit options with procedures and planning for an extended period.

    RANGE FEE is separate.  Please bring range fees on day 1.  Cash only.  $30.00 per student per day. 

    POI (Points of Instruction) We will cover the following

    1. Presentation on fight mindset vs survival mindset and development of both
    2. Intro to shelter
    3. Cordage and rope choices
    4. Knots in the field.  Hitch, double hitch, bowline, tauline, prusik chain sinnet, etc
    5. Primitive Fire starting
    6. Food sources and procedures
    7. Signaling and international distress

    This is the prelude to wooded survival II, which includes basic land navigation and basic compass (covers parts of compass, orienteering, declination adjustment, using compass bearing (map and field)  and map triangulation).